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What is Kennywood's official website?

What is the cost of admissions for 2012?
Regular Funday Pass - $38.99
Junior Funday Pass (guests under 46 inches) - $24.99
Senior Funday Pass (guests 55 & over) - $17.99
There is a 1.25¢ ticket surcharge if you purchase tickets online. Nightrider passes are not available for online purchases.
Season Pass: $99.99/each or 4 @ $94.99/each. (there is a $1.00 amusment tax and $1.25 processing fee)
Pre-order price: $84.99/each or 4 @ $79.99

What are the advantages of having a season pass, other than unlimited trip to Kennywood?
Once you order your season pass, check your email and print out your ticket. Once at Kennywood, present you ticket at the turnstile and they will scan your pass. Once you enter the park, take your scanned pass to the Guest Service Center (located near Noah's Ark) and they will take you picture and they will give you your season pass card.
NOTE: Your unlimited trips DO NOT include Phantom Fright Nights or Holiday Lights
Get get to bring a buddy every Sunday in May for $10.00 plus tax
Bonus bring a buddy days are June 17th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and July 9th, 12th, 16th and 30th. Also check your email thoughout the season for other bonus days.
$10 savings to Idlewild and Sandcastle (just present your season pass at the ticket counter).
10% off on selected merchandise at Kennywood Gift Shops.

What if I lsot my Season Pass?
There will be a $15.00 fee for processing you a new pass.

What is the cost of admissions for 2011?
(NOTE: tickets went up $1.00 from last year, Senior's went up 50¢,)
Season Pass $91.98 ($89.99 for the pass + $1.00 Tax + 99¢ Convenience Fee)
Regular Funday Pass - $36.99
Junior Funday Pass (guests under 46 inches) - $23.99
Senior Funday Pass (guests 55 & over) - $17.99
There is a 99¢ ticket surcharge if you purchase tickets online. Nightrider passes are not available for online purchase.

I will need to find out how much Nightrider passes are this year once i get to Kennywood.

What is the cost of admissions for 2010?
Regular Funday Pass - $35.99, Nightrider (after 5:00pm) Pass - $20.99
Junior Funday Pass (guests under 46 inches) - $22.99
Senior Funday Pass (guests 55 & over) - $17.49, Nightrider Pass - $9.99
There is a 99¢ ticket surcharge if you purchase tickets online. Nightrider passes are not available for online purchase.

What is the cost of the paddle boats?
2010 season: $4.99 for 1/2 hour.

What is the cost of the Skycoaster?
2010 season: $24.99 for a single flyer, $21.99 for a double flyer & $16.99 for a triple flyer.

Do they film you or take your picture on the Skycoaster?
No, unfortunately the do not film nor take your picture on the Sky Coaster. They used to film it, I'm not sure why they quit.

Do they take your pictures on any ride?
Yes they do. The Sky Rocket, The Jack Rabbit, The Phantom's Revenge, Garfield's Nightmare and The Log Jammer.
To see some photos taken from these rides, click here.

How much potatoes does The Potato Patch go through a day?
Usually around 1 ton, on a busy day, 2 1/2 tons. They have sliced over 15 million potatoes.

What is so special about The Potato Patch fries. Why are they so good?
That's the funny part. There is nothing special about them. The potatoes are hand sliced, soaked in water, put it to vegetable oil to cook then served to the people with the topping of their choice. During the 2010 season the following seasonings are available; Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Ketchup, BBQ Spice, Season Salt, Beef Stock Gravy, Vinegar, Onion Salt and Garlic Salt or of course you could eat them plain. All that foe $4.29, for $4.99 you could get (real) bacon piece.

Why are the lines so long at the Potato Patch?
The Potato Patch has been voted America's best french fry for 8 straight years. They offer world class fries since 1972. Almost everyone who visits Kennywood gets The Potato Patch fries. For the 2010 season, we waited in line for over an hour to get The Potato Patch fries, and it was worth it. If you don't want to wait, The Small Fries located in Lost Kennywood, sometimes the lines are shorter at Small Fries.

How many rides does Kennywood have?
Kennywood has 30 rides. This excludes the Skycoaster & The Paddle Boats, which requires additional fees beyond the normal Kennywood Funday Pass. This also doesn't include Kiddieland rides.

What kind of souvenirs do they have?
Click here to see their souvenirs.
Kennywood has lots of souvenirs. They have shirts, jackets, hats, coffee mugs, jewelry, post cards, and more. They also have souvenir pennies. The pennies have gone up in the past two years. In 2008 the pennies cost 50¢ + the penny. In 2009 they were 75¢ + the penny. In 2010 they were $1.00 even, no penny required. I found 5 pennies throughout the park. You can view them here. They also sell souvenir cups for $6.99 at most of the food stands. It sounds expensive but you can refill your cup for 99¢. Drinks are expensive through the park. Small $2.99, medium $3.99, large $4.99 so it's worth buying a cup. You can also find vending machines that charge $3.00 for water and other drinks.

I want to take a back pack, do I have to carry it the whole time?
No, they have lockers located at the beginning of the park. I am unsure the price. I do know that it costs every time you open and close it.

What activities did they have that they no longer have.
This list will far from be complete. But I remember them having mini golf and having remote controlled boats (i think this cost $1.00). They also had a recording booth where you could record yourself singing a popular tune. These all required an additional fee. If you have anything to add to this list, please email me.

Can you smoke at Kennywood. Can I buy cigarettes if I run out?
Yes, you can smoke at Kennywood. However, you can only smoke in designated areas. They are designated by blue benches. If you run out of cigarettes, you tough out of luck, they don't sell cigarettes in the park. Click here for the list.

Can I take pictures/videos on the rides?
No you can not, with the exception of The Olde Kennywood Railroad. You could probably take pictures on the paddle boats but i'm unsure.

What's your favorite ride/game/etc.
My favorite ride has to be The Jack Rabbit. My favorite game, although it's not really a game is the Shooting Gallery.

Has anyone ever gotten hurt at Kennywood?
I'm sure there has. Some of the research I have done, a boy, a teenage i think, was killed in 1963 (i think) right after the Thunderbolt was opened.
May 31, 2002, a 29 year old female guest from Monroeville, PA was killed when she took cover in The Whips building when a microbrust happened and collapsed the building. Many other were injured.
July 6, 2008, 20 rides were stuck upside down for 10 minutes when the King Kahuna malfunctioned for an unknown reason.

Kennywood's food seems to be awfully expensive, can I bring my own food?
Yes, you can bring your own food. Kennywood even has some picnic areas where schools, works, etc. can have their picnic. Families can use these pavilions as well.

What about parking?
There is regular (free) parking, handicapped parking and even preferred (paid) parking. They also have Kenny's Parkway to assist guest that are parked in the higher area.

What if I'm dropping off/picking up someone. Do I have to pay for parking?
No, they have an area designed for drop offs and pick ups right near the front entrance.

What if I'm handicapped. What is Kennywood's handicap policy?
Click here to read Kennywood's handicapped policy.


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